MGA: September 2019

Wow, it’s hard to imagine that August has come and gone. It was truly a busy yet very productive month for our MGA golfers having completed the Mirror Pond Invitational and our MGA/LGA Club Championships.

After taking a one-year hiatus for hosting the Mirror Pond Invitational, 96 golfers participated in this year’s event. As always, Moff and his maintenance staff had the course in unbelievably pristine condition. You could hear the “buzz” around the course as our visiting participants completed their practice round and could be heard saying:

  • “Haven’t played on greens this good and true for years!”;
  • “Best greens in Oregon!”; and
  • “Word of caution, don’t leave your ball above the pin!”

All had nothing but laudatory remarks about how the course was set up and maintained. Again, another special “job well done” to Moff and his staff.

After three days of intense competition, Dan Snoey from Camas, WA, won low gross honors with a score of 141, and Braden Wheeler won overall low net honors with a score of 137. We had numerous BGC MGA golfers perform exceptionally well with Claire Langford and Jeff Ward tying for 2nd Low Gross in the Open Division with a score of 148. Additionally, Charlie Rice and Tim Cecil finished 1st and 2nd  Low Gross in the Senior Division with scores of 144 and 148, respectively. See the full results here.

Eleven days post-completion of the Mirror Pond Invitational, the golfers of the MGA played the first round of their Club Championship. All participants, less that of the Legends Division who only played a 36-hole event, played three days of highly competitive golf. When all was said and done, Ryan Crownover was again crowned overall low gross winner of the 2019 Club Championship after shooting a 3-day total of 214. Eric Sultzer performed admirably by winning overall low net honors with a 3-day  score of 209. In the Championship Flight, Claire Langford and Michael Christianson came away the low gross and low net winners by shooting scores of 221 and 219, respectively. See the full results here.

Our Club Championship definitely had some well-founded highlights, but it also had some well-defined “lowlights”, most notably that being “The Mattioda Runaway Cart Ordeal.” Yup, I was playing right behind the threesome of Gerry, Charles Pearlman and Greg Vernon. While on the #2 green, I glanced to see if Gerry and his group were off the green when suddenly I saw Gerry and Charles Pearlman running frantically towards the pond. I guess to add insult to injury, Charles thought it was his cart/bag
that was headed into the pond instead of Gerry’s. When all was said and done, Gerry, with the stellar help of Greg Vernon, carefully retrieve his cart, bag and all his wet belongings. Pictures never lie. See below!

With our club championship completed, the LGA and MGA have already turned our attention to 2020, with a goal to make the upcoming golf tournament season more inviting, compelling, and fun for our entire club membership. To that end, the LGA and MGA have gathered a focus group of volunteers from both organizations and from our club staff to share observations from the past tournament season and make recommendations to our respective boards for their consideration in developing the club’s golf tournament program for the upcoming season. We are, of course, well aware of that BGC has a long and rich tradition of golf tournament competitions, including our historically premier events, the Pinecone Classic and Mirror Pond Invitational. Still, we know there’s room for improvement and, as major emphases of our joint effort, will focus on improving communication to the
membership, increasing player participation, and growing the volunteer support of our tournament program.

The group volunteers are Kai Kuwata, Jim Keller, Mark Garcia, Nancy Hakala, Barb Gahr, Emily Anderson, and Scott Hakala. Please feel free to reach out to them. Share an idea, join in the effort, and make a difference in your golf tournament experience.

The MGA 2020 board of directors elections are coming up shortly. If you want to participate and support your MGA as a director, please send me an e-mail informing me of such by Sep. 6. We have three candidates, Jim Keller, Larry Hoyez and Mark Garcia, that will be running for the two vacant positions for CY2020. Per our bylaws, “Prior to the election, the Men’s Golf Association Board of Directors will prepare a slate of candidates (a minimum of four for the three open positions). The candidates will be presented in the club newsletter for membership consideration. The candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected to the open positions.”

Lastly, I had the opportunity to spend an inordinate amount of time with our golf staff when setting up for the Club Championship. Mornings started at 0600 (military time) and ended around 2130 (9:30 p.m.) Wednesday through Sunday. Needless to say, these folks were really, really busy. I thought to myself on numerous occasions. “I wish all of our golf members could spend just a half of a day in the golf shop in order to get a better appreciation for the amount of work they accomplish.”

My hats off to John and his staff for their hard work and efforts to support our membership. Thank you.

Until next month, remember to sign up for the Member-Member in September!!

Scott Hakala,
MGA President

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