Chef’s Tidbits: September 2019

One super gratifying thing about this business is that I have the chance to build culinarians. I have one such story that you might enjoy reading about.

Approximately 15 years ago I hired a gentleman named Zak Root, who graduated the local culinary school. While in school, he worked for me and other businesses in town. Like just about every culinarian, he started out in the dish area and then moved up from there. Through a lot of hard work, he eventually became sous chef for about three years before moving on. He then took on a chef job in North Carolina at a resort, then helped open a new Embassy Suites where the executive chef did $16k-$18k nightly in the bar area alone. That was both food and beverage. Not to mention the regular restaurant’s volume of business. Those are great numbers.

After about five years of grinding in the corporate world he thought it was time to move on. Recently he accepted a position under Celebrity Chef Grant Achatz in Chicago, who runs some of the finest restaurants in the world. From there he can name his price in the culinary profession. As a former mentor I can’t express enough how rewarding this is to me. “Way to go Zak!”

Executive Chef Darrin Hauser

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