Tee to Green: August 2019

This summer has been a golf course superintendent’s dream! Warm days and cool nights have made for ideal growing conditions. Our late start, which included the delay of a handful of events, has turned the corner and we are in the midst of another successful season. The harsh winter is now just a memory. As my wife, Cathi, always says, “Relax! The grass always grows back.”

With the economy on an upswing, our membership continues to grow. With no debt, our future looks bright as we continue improving this great club. Unfortunately, finding and retaining staff has been as difficult as I have seen in my 22 years of management. I appreciate our team and all we have accomplished this season. I have asked more of my staff than ever and many have stepped up to the challenge. With half the season behind us, my staff and I are tired but happy, and continue to strive for the best possible playing conditions. As always, we appreciate your support and generous compliments throughout the season.

Fall is an important and busy time of the year for our department. Fall aeration practices help maintain and improve turf health after a busy season of golf. The late winter kept spring aeration to a minimum, so most surfaces will need organic material removed, followed by topdressing. What we do this fall directly relates to our course conditions next spring and summer.

Green, collar and approach aeration will take place Sept. 9–10. Performing this practice while the turf is actively growing and using a small, hollow-core tine will provide for a surprisingly quick recovery. We appreciate your patience and understanding during aeration and look forward to great fall course conditions.

Other fall and winter projects are also in the planning stages. From maintenance facility improvements to leveling projects to improving sunlight for turf health, it will be a busy off-season. Thank you for your continued support and see you on the course!

Scott Moffenbeier
GCSAA Greens Superintendent

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