MGA: August 2019

I apologize, but this article will not be one of my more robust communiques to our membership in comparison with my previous Tradition submissions. We just have so many pokers in the fire right now that I’m going to cut back on my narrative to you for this month’s MGA activities.

General Items of Interest: Here we are in August already and just having completed a very successful Member-Guest Golf Tournament, we’re right back in the throes of preparing for another major MGA golfing event – the 2019 Mirror Pond Invitational scheduled for Aug. 9–11 August. John Thorsnes and his tournament committee have been hard at work preparing for this prestigious event. You’ll recall we didn’t hold the Mirror Pond last year due to our scheduled date conflicting with numerous other OGA and PNGA events. Readjusting our tournament schedule this spring allowed us to ensure this year’s and following years’ Mirror Pond
tournament will be free of schedule conflicts. BGC MGA members and non-BGC members can sign up for this tournament on the Events page and nonmembers can sign up through the Mirror Pond tournament page. The tournament costs $250 for nonmembers and $175 for members.

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received from both our Member-Guest participants and non-participants for gathering data on the positives and negatives observed or encountered during our Member-Guest golf tournament. The MGA board and tournament committee have reviewed the all the input. In the next few weeks, the tournament committee will publish its findings, to include announcing the BGC 2020 Member-Guest tournament agenda and format. It is our plan to get an early head start on promoting this event and formally announce and extend invitations for next year’s tournament to our Member-Guest audience in January 2020.

Results of the recent BGC Member-Guest and other events for any given month can be found on the results page on the BGC members website.

The BGC maintenance course staff has been working hard in preparation for the Mirror Pond Invitational. At the request of Scott Moffenbeier last Saturday, MGA volunteers conducted a “sand and seed” divot fill effort early Monday morning, July 29. Although understanding this wasn’t giving our membership much notice, I still sent out an e-mail to our guys requesting their support. Needless to say, the same core group of guys that always support or volunteer for all our activities showed up at 7:00 a.m. sharp. To those guys, a special, special thanks – Jay Bennett, Jim Keller, Ron Eldredge, Dennis Olsen, Jim Wellock, Greg Ewald, Greg Vernon, and Scott Hakala.

Members of the MGA have supported our ladies of the LGA on two occasions this summer: The LGA Silver Bowl with Juniper Golf Club, and our Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament. A special thanks to Bob Brubaker Dennis Olsen, Ken Lin, Don Christensen, Mark Stanard, Lindsay Wallace, Gerry Mueller, Larry Gahr, Dan Newport, Sam McKee, Gene Powell, Chuck Taylor, Kai Kuwata and Scott Hakala for serving as “greeters,” “bag shaggers,” and event registration support personnel during these events.

Hospitality/New Member Orientation Committee

Our General Manager, Jeff Keller, has worked exceptionally hard to promote and sell the advantages of being a member of our exceptional golf club to many an interested family during June and July of this year. We’d just like to take a second and give him a hearty “Thank You Jeff” for his dedication to duty and hard work for consummating membership contracts with the following new members:

  • Mario and Becky Sulay – Mario is a member of our MGA
  • Rob Nichols – Rob is also a member of the MGA
  • Brad and Debbie Watkins – former members of BGC, and is a member of the
  • Steve and Carol Nase – Steve is a member of the MGA
  • Adam Mackie and Erin Crofcheck – Adam is a member of the MGA
  • Bob and Belinda Bowden – Bob plans on becoming a member of the MGA
  • Jamie Jackson and Ashley Mears – Jamie is a member of the MGA
  • Peter and Jeanette Nunnenkamp – Peter will become if not already an active
    member of the MGA
  • Iain and Tanya Finley: Active family of golfers! Welcome!
  • Tim and Becky Johnson – Welcome to BGC
  • Dave and Kelly Swisher – Welcome to BGC
  • Dennis Percell – Dennis is a member of the MGA
  • Cole Lafferty – Cole is a member of the MGA
  • Paul Fraser – Scott is joining us as an individual golfer
  • Sergio and Angie Castillo – Sergio will be joining us from Cabo San Lucas where he served as a Director of Golf
  • Scott and Jackie Lewis – Welcome to BGC

Communications/Information Services Committee

Jim Bradbury, our chair for this committee, along with his co-chair, Jay Bennett, continue to provide exceptional MGA golf event directed communications support to our board. Specific support activities undertaken and completed this month include:

  • Input and editing of July MGA Tradition article
  • Edit monthly meeting minutes
  • Communications plan for member-guest tournament
  • Advice and assistance for promoting MGA golf events

Scott Hakala
MGA President

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