GM: August 2019

We had quite a flurry of activity here in July and we’ll continue that in August. The loss of March and preparation of the golf course pushed us to compress our events into the later part of the summer. In July we had both the MGA Member-Guest and the Ladies’ Invitational. The pro shop and Scott’s team have done an amazing job with the events and I can’t say enough about how well they have been received. The golf course has been stellar!

You could cut the tension with a knife at the MGA member-guest horserace.

We had a great night here with bocce ball, band and bouncy houses on July 20. We had fun and I think all the kids that were there probably slept well!

BBQ, bocce, band, and bouncy houses on July 20

This coming Wednesday is one of the highlights of our Jazz Nights: the Dan Balmer Quartet. Dan is one of the only people inducted in both the Oregon Jazz Hall of Fame, as well as the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. Its going to be a great night, so reserve your seats!

This month, we will finally begin our cart barn construction. It’s been a long time coming and my heart goes out to the construction folks in Bend. Its not easy getting a permit and understanding the process has been quite an education. Secondly, we will begin the construction for the equipment shed in Scott’s area.

August is going to be another big month with the Mirror Pond and Club Championships, so stay sharp and get help in the pro shop if need be!

The deadline to enter the LGA’s signature event, the Pinecone Classic, is Aug. 15. The tournament runs Sept. 6–8 and has a Star Wars theme this year. Visit the Events page to get registered!

Our team is always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get the help you may need. As always, I look forward to your feedback and ideas, so come by, or drop me an email at

Jeff Keller
General Manager

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