Chef’s Tidbits: August 2019

Sometime around the middle of this month your culinary team and I will be working on a few menu changes. Thank you for all the feedback pertaining to specials etc. That’s how we bring the popular ones back and periodically these do may make it on the menu. Speaking from experience, one thing I have learned is that just because the entrée item might sell as a special doesn’t always mean that it will sell on the menu.

Thanks to Christie Henson and her husband Josh for a fabulous fishing trip last month. I caught the smallest fish and my wife caught the largest of the day a 33 1/2 inch Chinook salmon. It was my first venture out in the ocean in over 17 years. It was very rewarding to say the least as I generally come back with only a fishing story with no proof. We caught 9 fish between the 6 of us in a 10 hour period and we also came back to 18 Dungeness crab keepers. There is nothing better than fresh crab!

Thanks again,
Chef Darrin

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