General Manager: July 2019

We have a lot of new faces here at the club! Many more players in our Friday Twosomes series, the men’s member guest will exceed last year’s tally, and everyone is sharpening their game.

Longtime BGC member and former board president Kent Franklin passed away last Friday after a long illness. He served on the finance committee as well. He is survived by Marian Woodall. On behalf of the BGC family, I’d like to pass along our sincere condolences.

Scott and his crew have done a fantastic job bringing problem areas back from our winter kill. See the photo below for a stunning before/after comparison of the second hole.

Before/after comparison of No. 2 after two months of grow-in

A PDF of the 2019 Annual Report is now available just below the calendar on Member Central (ForeTees login required).

We need your leadership. Our club has never had a brighter future and we want you to be part of it. If you want to help shape the future of our club, get involved and be part of the Board of Directors. Contact Mark Hagenbaugh at

For now, board and committee documents are housed on this page on the BGC Members blog (page password: bgc1925).

Printed member handbooks/rosters are available, so just check with the golf shop or our admin offices to get your copy. We purposely omitted physical addresses this year to encourage use of the online member directory, however it has not yet populated with addresses. That should happen sometime this week. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to make everyone comfortable with the new website.

To keep our database up to date, it’s vital that you visit “My Profile” after logging in to verify your information is correct. More than 100 corrections were needed to the roster as a result of member information not being kept current. If you’ve moved, changed phone numbers or email addresses, please use the My Profile link to make changes.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new 11th tee. It’s a nice change and quite a different angle. The tee box looks fantastic and it’s a nice addition to our club. You’ll also notice that Scott and his team have altered a few mowing patterns making it easy for walkers as well as a few new mowing patterns.

In four years, we have gone from trying to survive to being debt-free with funds in the bank. Overall, everyone would like to know what’s next. Part of our evaluation of what we can do next is evaluating our “house” as it is today. We have had many areas of the club that has deferred maintenance in many areas, and we have not made many upgrades in years, so we are evaluating everything we have to ensure that we spend the right way.

Secondly, as it pertains to the sale, per our agreement any bigger upgrades will all be voted on by our membership. If there anyone has any questions or thoughts, please come find me. I’d like to make sure you are getting the right information. The door is always open.

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