President: June 2019

Celebrating Volunteers

Volunteer:  vol-un-teer
Noun: a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service
Verb: to offer oneself as a volunteer

Synonyms for volunteer:

Bestow, contribute, donate, give, give away, present

Our club has a longstanding tradition of volunteerism. Hats off to those who step up and make themselves available. Your contributions are noticed and appreciated.

A recent group of volunteers organized by Julie Bennett were responsible for painting pots around the club and then filling them with flowers. The work included installation of a new drip system. They also planted flowers in the beds in the front of the club and along a number of tee boxes on the course. Thanks to the entire group of volunteers for your effort. It looks great!

Flowers dress things up on 14 tee

We have members serving on committees, helping with tournaments and participating in a number of work parties. I don’t want to miss any contribution so, thank you to all members who have volunteered their time to help the club. We are a member-owned club and rely on members to help create an inviting experience. If you have time, make it known you want to volunteer.

John Collins

President, BGC Board of Directors

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