GM: June 2019

First, a BIG Thanks to all of our green thumbs who planted flowers and made sure our clubhouse looks so good!

It appears summer is here to stay! The golf course is in great shape and there are a few new faces around that you probably haven’t seen lately. If you don’t know them, introduce yourself!

We appreciate your patience as we complete the transition into ForeTees. We now have everything in one place. Our point-of-sale, calendar, tee times, and court reservations are all in one system.

We encourage everyone to look at each of the tabs on the website post-login. You will find the terrific ForeTees mobile app, as well as several helpful videos for pretty much everything. Its under “Member Central.”  I invite you all to log in and look around to see everything that we now have.

We will open 18 tee this week and begin the “new” number 11 in a few weeks. The areas of winter damage are now filling in and we are should be in good shape over the next few weeks. Scott has done a great job as always preparing the course. There are several courses that are in very rough shape.

The cart barn is prepared to the extent we can be. We will take delivery of the building and we are still working with the City. I have a new appreciation for the builders in this town.

Nachos in Mulligans? Yep, Darrin and the team have a few new fun items, so stop by and give them a try. Last, for those of you supporting our Saturday breakfast, thanks and we look forward to continuing it, so please support the effort.

As a member-owned club, we must have your participation to guide our future. Debt-free and with a great future in front of us, we need your help. Each group meets on a monthly basis to go over direction and staffing.



Membership and House committee. This group is involved in membership efforts as well as how our “house” looks, everything within the clubhouse. Suzanne Verhaeg is the chair: Suzanne Verhaeg


This group is involved in our financial wellbeing. How we are doing, building of the initial budget and capital list for board recommendation. Chair: Earl Seekins,


Overall reporting and athletic/Tennis needs. Rules and times for courts, clinics and communication. Chair: Jeri Boe,


Understanding, reporting and working with Scott on overall feedback on the golf course. Projects that are upcoming and Scott’s outline of what he is working on. Chair: Brad Patrick, 

Board of Directors

The board has overall governance and policy for the club. From the strategic direction to budget review and approval. Mark Hagenbaugh is the director of elections and can be contacted at

Thanks for your support, and as always, stop by if you have any suggestions or email me at

Jeff Keller
BGC General Manager

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