President: May 2019

Nice to see the golf course busy as another season gets underway. We all approach the golf season with different goals. For some the number of rounds played and a lower handicap is the target. For others it is the camaraderie of their group or a round well-played. Maybe it is simply a nice way to get exercise. Regardless of your motivation or whether your competitive or not, I hope you enjoy another golf season.

We closed out the fiscal year with some notable highlights and an improved financial position. I mentioned at the end of the calendar year that Food and Beverage was the star of operations. F&B continued to shine and finished the fiscal year with a $44,321 positive contribution toward the overhead of the club. Sales grew by nearly 9% year over year. The cost of goods grew by less than 1%. Expenses were reduced by 8%. The combined result was $119,000 better than last year and $106,000 better than budget. The inventory control and management of the kitchen have been stellar. Management of the front of the house and service are greatly improved.

Historically, F&B has been a drain of $100,000 to $150,000 annually on available operating funds. The private industry benchmark is a loss of 3% of available dues revenue (~$60k at our dues level), so our prior results were not surprising. When challenged to fix the deep losses, the idea of outsourcing, limiting or substantially eliminating food service were explored. In the end our general manager proposed reducing the hours of operation and narrowing the menu options. Regularly scheduled events such as jazz night and wine tasting increased dinning traffic. Chef Darrin and Christie have produced consistent quality food with balanced and attentive service. Their efforts have increased member dinning and rebuilt the outside banquet business.

Please take the time to thank Chef Darrin, Christie, and Jeff for a great result and remarkable turnaround. Replicating the result for another year is a challenge they have accepted, so members continued dinning support is appreciated.

Operating expenses were closely managed and helped to drive improvements in cash balances. The year-end operating cash of $442,899 exceeded plan and was assisted by property sale reimbursements and debt elimination.

Thanks again to members, staff and committee volunteers for a successful fiscal year. There will be more detailed operating highlights at the annual meeting.

John Collins
President, BGC Board of Directors

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One thought on “President: May 2019

  • June 5, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Mr. Collins, I was amazed to see Bend GC and the Riverhouse has teamed up to let non-members play our private course. I can’t for the life of me be believe this could be a good thing. Money or not opening our course to public players puts in the same class as Tetherow and Crosswater. Good courses but they are resort courses. One of the best things about being a member at Bend is knowing it is a true private course. Please reconsider this terrible mistake and make it right. Also, why wasn’t the membership notified about this before it went public? In golf, Tom Oller.


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