Golf Professional: May 2019

Wow! What a difference a couple weeks make. We have gone from no golf to going 100 miles per hour where you can almost watch the grass grow. With that in mind, a couple beginning-of-season refreshers on club policies.

Dress Code

Please review the dress code on the website or the most current printed member roster. For men, you must wear a shirt with a collar and it must be tucked in. For women, shorts, skorts, and skirts need to be at least mid-thigh in length. No halter or tank tops. Please let your guests know before they head to the club. Thank you very much for your cooperation and if you have any questions concerning the dress code please don’t hesitate to call the shop.

Course Damage

As most of you know, the course sustained some damage from the cold weather and snow this winter, mostly to low-lying areas in the fairway. Scott and his crew have already sliced and reseeded all the damaged areas but ask that you please avoid hitting shots or taking power and pull carts over those areas and allow the grass to grow in. Please play them as ground under repair and drop your ball at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, without penalty.


Please check the Foretees home page for course updates such as cart restrictions etc. If you are on the cart lease program and another person in you group is also taking a club cart, please pair up and take one cart. We ask this for several reasons. Foremost among them is wear and tear on the course — especially this year with all the damage to the fairways. The fewer carts that roll through those areas, the better.

Secondly, we have (and will continue to) run out of carts if people don’t pair up so those people on the cart plan that play later in the day may not have a cart to use. Our unwritten policy is to please try a limit the number of carts in a foursome to two carts whether they be private member-owned or club-owned carts. Once again, your cooperation is greatly appreciated and I know that Scott and his crew would appreciate it also.

If any of you have any issues with Foretees please let us know. We use the homepage to post weekly updates, upcoming events and any other golf shop or course news. It is a great source of information. Hope to see you soon.

John Thorsnes
PGA Head Golf Professional

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