General Manager: May 2019

Its nice to see May on the calendar! Warmer weather, everyone is playing, and we have a great year in store. March is the end of our fiscal year and we look back at our final numbers. We finished the year ahead of budget $77k, and we have turned our food and beverage service completely around.

A few years back we changed our gratuity to 20%. In so doing, we solidified our service staff and we now have a great team in all areas. We appreciate your support and know that by making these changes our staff is second to none and solid.

Scott is working hard to get the grass fertilized and growing in the areas of ice damage. We appreciate you staying off those areas as they get filled in. The 18/11 tee will be sodded in the second week of May, so we will have the area prepped this week. We are glad we waited for the area to settle so it will be flat prior to sodding.

We begin our Foretees integration this month. As we begin, we will notify everyone when the new website is up and the different additions we have. We will likely offer website classes and/or help as we get the site up and going, however the new site will have an extensive and user-friendly series of videos to get you up to speed. We have a few final checks to get done, and we will announce to everyone when it is live and ready for you to explore.

This is the time of year we are on-boarding new members. If you don’t know that face across the room, stop and introduce yourself. I often brag on our membership, how open and friendly everyone is. For members that joined during the last year, your welcoming acceptance only enhances our reputation as a friendly and collegial bunch.

Jack Flatt, 1926–2019

On a somber note, I’m saddened to report the passing of longtime social member Jack Flatt (pictured at right), who left us last month.

Lastly, we have several committees at BGC that could use your expertise and enthusiasm. I’ve listed them below. If you’re interested in being part of these or the BGC board of directors, please email me or call 541-322-5765. We ask for a three-year commitment; most boards and committees meet monthly.

Beautification Committee
The first goal is to purchase and plant the annuals that are around the club house and the baskets at the course restrooms. The second is to make recommendations for beautification projects around the course and clubhouse. Some knowledge of plants and flowers is great but not necessary to become a member. Good ideas are always welcome. We do not meet every month and rarely in the winter months so snowbirds are welcome.

Athletic Committee
Guidance for all issues and suggestions surrounding the athletic and tennis facilities.

Finance Committee
Overall review of the monthly finances and oversight of the clubs finances as well as budget creation and suggestions to the board of directors.

House Committee
Review of the appearance and needs of the internal perceptions of the club, plus marketing and membership review.

Jeff Keller
General Manager

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