ForeTees, Calendar, and BGC Website Update: May 2019

As you know, BGC is in the process of switching over its back-office applications to ForeTees. Hopefully you’re getting used to the new tee time and event registration system, but other changes are coming that you should be aware of.

Sometime next week, the main BGC website ( will switch to a new layout and a new host (ForeTees). The menu and layout will be different from what you’re used to, hopefully in good ways. We used analytics (statistics, basically) from the current website to help determine which pages should be migrated and which should not. The same data helped determine the order of items in the menu, and which ones can be seen by the general public or are specific to members (the options you see after you log in).

Your brain remembers the location of things on frequently visited websites more than what they are actually called. With the new BGC website, all these locations are different. As with any situation where something isn’t where you expected, that will be annoying the first few times. But please know that all the choices we’ve made related to the new website are informed by data and best practices related to user experience. They are not arbitrary.

Websites typically deploy in phases. During this initial phase, we hope to learn which pages are missing or misplaced. For that, we’re counting on you. Anything that is confusing or out of place, please email with details. If there is a critical mass of similar feedback, we will make the necessary changes.

ForeTees has an extensive library of help videos and documents to get you up to speed (under Help Videos). Please consult these resources first once they are available.

Some of the main changes include:

Navigation and Login

When you visit (again, at some point the week of May 6), you will see a new navigation scheme. The login button will be just below all that, on top of the header image. Until you log in, you will not see any navigation items specific to members. You’ll only see what the general public sees.

Welcome/Home Screen

After you log in, the first screen you see is called “Member Central.” This portal will show a calendar of events and other information. Eventually it should also show your minimums as it does now.


ForeTees uses a completely different calendar system that enables filtering and other nifty features, but it looks different from the current calendar. It’s different for those of us who manage it as well, so please bear with us at first, especially for events that we’ve set up in both places (current and new calendar). If you have registered for any events or made reservations on the current system, it’s a good idea to follow up via phone or email to make sure you are still registered, at least for the first few weeks.

Mobile App and Notifications

ForeTees has an app (iOS and Android) that integrates with the system. Among other things, this makes it possible for the golf shop to push out messages to the membership about frost delays, closures, etc.

From the Member Central screen (after login), scroll down to find links to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After the app is installed on your device, return to the Member Central screen and click the “Generate Password” button. Return to the mobile app and use your ForeTees username (your specific member number) and the password generated by the button to register the app. That’s pretty much it.

Thanks in advance with your patience and kind attention to the upcoming changes.

Kind regards,
Cody Pinkston
BGC Webmaster

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