President: April 2019

I just returned from a 20-day rafting trip on the Colorado River, traveling through Grand Canyon National Park. Often mentioned as a “once in a lifetime” trip, I’m happy to have enjoyed the experience for the eighth time. Beyond the physical and mental challenges of the river, the beauty and geological discovery of the canyon, is the experience of being off the grid (no phones, television, or newspapers). Remarkably, things don’t change as quickly or dramatically as we perceive they might when viewed from our daily or monthly routines. I return refreshed and recharged and a little grumpy as I leave behind the routine of a vacation.

I left a day after the largest snowfall of the season. Imagine my surprise to return a month later to piles of snow. The daily high temperatures are rising, but we continue to see near-freezing nights. I share the desire to get the golf course open as quickly as practical. Scott has demonstrated his expertise in preparing a golf course. I’ve encouraged him to use that credibility to advise us when the course and/or greens are ready for play. Cheer for sunny days and be patient. The season will begin soon.

We closed out our fiscal year on March 31. The winter months have seen a flurry of activity by management, committees and the board to craft an operating budget for the 2019–2020 year. My thanks to the members who have volunteered their time to work with management to prepare for another year. I’ll share some of the results next month when the books are closed.

As the golf season begins, I encourage you to enjoy your club. We will have several construction projects in progress, but the impact on our ability to use the club facilities should be limited.

John Collins
BGC Board of Directors

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