LGA: April 2019

Hello Ladies,

Spring is coming, ever so slowly. At our LGA board meeting yesterday, Scott, our superintendent, voiced his frustration with the snow and ice that remains on several of the greens and fairways. He is hoping that the warmer temps forecast for this week will clear much of it. What can we do … it’s Mother Nature! John Thorsnes says we will have the Masters “Fun” Golf Tournament on Saturday, April 13, even if it’s only 9 holes. Please sign up for this fun event by going to Foretees online. This tournament is a 2-person net best ball plus the score of one Masters competitor chosen at random. Really fun!

We have a new assistant golf pro, Emily Anderson. She would like to assist the LGA to be our best. Please introduce yourself when you have a chance. She will be very valuable to us.
The LGA board voted unanimously to CHANGE the LOCAL RULE for Hole #3. It will now have a drop zone on the green side of the pond. If your first ball is hit into the water, you may go to the drop zone, where you will be hitting your 3 rd shot( 1 stroke penalty. We hope this will be less stressful, and improve pace of play.

We now have a binder on the counter in the ladies locker room, labeled “Weekly Golf Games.” This has a brief explanation of each of our fun games for Ladies’ Day. Please use this to better understand the game selected for each week. It will also have an example of how to make your scorecard for each play. Thank you to Pam Caine for creating this book.

We are in need of 2-3 ladies that would like to serve on either the scoring committee, or the LGA/LGA Collaboration committee. Please contact me if you would be available for a little work to make the LGA better.

Thank you,
Karen Stanard
LGA President

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