GM Update: April 2019

I’ve been here 25 years and haven’t experienced a March like this one. During the long winter, it’s been great seeing everyone use what no other club has. Our tennis, pickleball, athletic rooms and the simulator has had much higher use and it’s a testament to your fortitude to keep in shape and stay active.

We should be making the full transition to our new ForeTees system sometime in April. As powerful and flexible as this system is, there are always some speed bumps when migrating to a new technology platform. We’re working hard to get everyone up to speed on the office, POS, billing, and scheduling functions before we go live, but there is a learning curve on both sides of the equation (administrator and end user). I thank you in advance for your patience during this process.

The BGC website also will be updating to the ForeTees platform, with a new look and layout. Seldom-used pages from the existing website, public and private areas alike, may not be there at first (or won’t be where you’ve come to expect). If you have any trouble at all with the new site, email our webmaster.

We are getting close to opening! We’ll open the range first, then the back nine, then the front. Scott, despite biting his nails and pacing a lot, has his team working on the golf course. We ask for your patience as there is still a lot of work to be done once the snow clears. As Scott gets the course ready, we’ll have several options for everyone to participate.

John has some new inventory and will bring it all out in April, along with new range balls. John, Drew, and Emily, our new assistant, will all be available to help you bring everything you worked on in the simulator, to the golf course. Get your season started with sound fundamentals with John and his team.

We begin our new fiscal year with a look back on where we have been and where we are going. This last year has been a memorable one. We outperformed our budget by $80k, brought on 59 new golf members and our food and beverage operation is well into profitability. We’re debt-free and have a plan for sustainability and improvements. However, we’re not where we want to be yet. We’d like to have a waiting list by year’s end.

Our membership voted for a cap of 350 equity members and our goal is to have a waiting list. (This does not include Generations or non-resident members). All of you play a part in our momentum. For any new members you refer — Athletic, Tennis or Golf — you receive their first month’s dues as a credit. Just contact Jeff to get a tour scheduled.

Our club is on the rise. I have had several calls out of the blue, people hearing about our club, members, amenities and the course. Let’s keep our foot on the gas and make this a special year!

Jeff Keller
General Manager

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