LGA: March 2019

Greetings !

Our beautiful Bend Golf Club is still a winter wonderland, with more than two feet of snow on the ground. I hope you all stay warm and cozy.

The LGA Board met yesterday and I want to share what we discussed in preparation for 2019.

We got an update about the Status of the BGC budget from Susanna Ross (filling in for Barb Gahr). The Club has no debt at this time! Awesome! The budget committee is working methodically to create a sensible financial plan for the club’s future. Jeff Keller reported that food and beverage is making money. Also, membership interest has been increasing. All good news.

Scott Moffenbeier reported that the greens are recovering since the ice was removed from them, but the fairways still have ice. We will have to wait to see if that causes damage. There has been a decision to purchase new ball-shaped tee markers for the club. The cost will be $3,800. The MGA has donated $2,500 towards the cost. The LGA agreed to donate $500 last year, and we voted to add another $800 to the $500 = $1,300 to purchase the tee markers.

Our LGA budget currently has $9,906.14. The proposed budget for 2019 was reviewed and approved by the board.

Our pro, John Thorsnes, had a lot news. Please read the pro shop update to learn about the new employees, pricing , sweeps, local rules, fun play events, etc.

Connie Newport explained the updated “Pace of Play Policy.” All golfers should read it. It will make golf more enjoyable for all.

Now… for the MOST important info, our April play schedule. We will be having “weekly play” on April 3 , 10, 17, and 24. We will start our Eclectic, Celebration Cup points, and sweeps on April 24. The for fun “Master’s Fun Tournament” will be April 13 (Saturday). We are joining in on some of the MGA festivities to make it even MORE FUN! Please plan on participating. Information will be coming out in the Tradition soon, but the full LGA schedule is here.

I am so happy to be a part of the Bend Golf Club. We have so many fine people working to make it THE BEST. Each one of us has a part in the success of the BGC. Let’s do it!

Karen Stanard
LGA President

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