MGA: February 2019

It’s been a busy month for our board. We drafted new bylaws, created new committees, worked on the club’s ForeTees installation, and a redesign of the MGA homepage.

At our January meeting, we welcomed Kai Kuwata as our newest member. He is a welcome addition.

New draft MGA Bylaws include:

  1. Three new committees:Tournament, Hospitality/Orientation, and Communications/Information Services.
  2. Better definition of roles and responsibilities of MGA Directors and Officers, and;
  3. Removal of committees no longer needed.

The revised MGA bylaws must now be approved by both our membership and BGC board of directors. You will review and vote on these bylaws later in January. If approved, the changes will then be sent to the BGC Board.

2019 MGA Goals and Objectives were established as follows:

  1. Increase communications from the MGA Board to membership.
  2. Increase participation in all MGA events and activities to 25 percent.
  3. Revise the MGA bylaws to incorporate specific committees to oversee Tournaments, Hospitality/Orientation, and Communications/Information Services (see above).
  4. Create and foster an environment of “continuous quality improvement” by the MGA Board to improve in all areas of MGA management, oversight, and execution.

2019 Deschutes Cup.  The MGA Board agreed it needs to have better oversight of BGC Deschutes Cup event activities. This includes:

  1. Identify and publish team captain selection criteria.
  2. Inform our membership regarding the Deschutes Cup, notably:
  • What clubs participate in the Deschutes Cup?
  • How does an MGA member qualify for the BGC Deschutes Cup Team?
  • Who selects the BGC Deschutes Cup team members?
  • When does it start, how often do we play, and is there a cost to be a team member?
  • Any other information an MGA member should know about the BGC Deschutes Cup team selection process and event play?

BGC Match Play Scoring

The MGA Board unanimously approved the development of a local rule for scoring in MGA Match Play.  A local rule will be developed by our Head Pro and Doug Rude, MGA Secretary.

Finally, we will ensure we implement processes and procedures to improve overall communications between our board and members.  Remember, the names of your Board Members can be found on the MGA homepage, and you can contact any, or all of them, to give any input regarding any ideas and or suggestions.  Your ideas are always welcome.  Our next MGA board meeting is Feb. 16.  If you have an item you’d like presented or discussed please forward your discussion item to our secretary, Doug Rude.

Thank you. I look forward to an exciting and enjoyable 2019!

Scott Hakala

President, Men’s Golf Association

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