MGA Update: January 2019

Welcome to the first article of the Men’s Golf Association for 2019. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a rewarding and eventful 2019!

We plan a monthly column to communicate MGA board issues, upcoming MGA events, and projects, and to solicit input and support from you, our MGA members.

Your board met on Dec. 19. The agenda, minutes, financial report and action items from this meeting will be online by Dec. 31 on the BGC Golf homepage under “MGA.” These documents will be posted in the Men’s Locker Room and next to the GM’s office.

Specific items of interest discussed at our December meeting were:

  1. Confirmation of the 2019 MGA golf tournament.
  2. Decision to no longer combine the GHIN fee ($37) and MGA annual dues ($37). The club’s administrative staff will now manage the GHIN fee.
  3. The board to limit the end of year carryover for 2019 at $2,500. Money over the limit will be used for projects that benefit our membership or better the game of golf at our club.
  4. Dues to remain at $37 per year.
  5. The assignment of MGA Tournament Liaison support from board members was completed. It was discussed that some younger golf members may want to participate in MGA tournaments. Any member who wants to volunteer can contact John Thorsnes, tournament director.
  6. Our board decided to develop a new member orientation. We are looking for volunteers from our membership to help develop this orientation. If you are interested, please contact Doug Rude at
  7. The board decided there is a need to better define the Deschutes Cup. This includes what does a member do in order to participate, what is the selection process to determine who qualifies as a team member, when does it take place, and what teams participate. Answers to these questions will be sent next month.

Lastly, the golf season is just around the corner. The board plans to improve your overall golfing experience. Also, a major focus is to improve communications from the board. Remember, board member names are on the MGA home page. Please contact them or myself to give any input. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Our next MGA meeting is Jan. 16, so please forward any discussion items to our secretary, Doug Rude.

Thank you, and let’s have an exciting and enjoyable 2019!

Scott Hakala
President, Men’s Golf Association

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