New Member Benefit: Pro Motion Physical Therapy

We at Pro Motion Physical Therapy are pleased to offer our services as an additional benefit to BGC members! We have both east and west-side locations or can meet you at the club itself. 


PTs are neuromusculoskeletal experts trained to assess, treat, and create a long-term plan customized to members’ individual goals/activities. Should any health concerns arise outside of the scope of PT, we will recommend a specific healthcare provider that can address that ailment. 


Physical Therapy/Movement Optimization Services

  • Starting in December we will offer free 30-minute consultations that each member can arrange by calling our staff at PMPT.
  • We intend to collaborate with the golf professionals at BGC to establish a Golf Swing/Sports Optimization Program. For our part, this would involve a biomechanical video analysis to help you understand the key joints and muscle groups that optimize the swing and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. This analysis can also incorporate any other sport/activity you may want to address. The long-term goal is to become certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, a process we plan to start in early 2019.

These free consultations are part of your membership benefits. If further care is required, we bill all major insurance providers and can provide a reasonable solution if insurance is not an option. 

Massage Therapy

We have two massage therapists available for members, each with specific techniques/skills that would be scheduled with members based on time, convenience or member preference. Pricing will be competitive with the current market and sessions will be offered on 1, 1.5, or 2-hour time intervals.

Personal Training

We have two personal trainers available to members for individual or group training. This can be accomplished onsite at BGC or at our main PMPT clinic. They are yet another resource for advice, tips, etc.


West Side:
1693 SW Chandler Ave Ste. 140
Bend, OR 97702
Between Bend Bulletin and Cascade Brewery

Bend Golf Club:
By appointment—call 541-390-0523

Blake Matlock
BGC Member

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  • December 3, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    cool, plan to take advantage


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