GM Update: December 2018

Each December, I pause and look back at the year we’ve had. This year, we have been blessed in many ways. Our superintendent was voted as the best in the state, our golf membership is up by more than 20 from last year, and our athletic and tennis memberships remain strong. We have a new seasoned head golf professional in John Thorsnes. We have changed the food and beverage operation to a $44,800 positive from a budgeted loss of $33,952. Our existing debt went from $1.872M to $362K—soon to be eliminated as we close on Park and Recreation property behind number 6. (The attorneys are in the process of getting the final documents prepared.) In terms of our financial condition, course conditions, and amenities we are positioned as the best club in town.

Our new “Poor Richard’s” Thursday special from Darrin has been quite a hit. The four-course meal for $40 on Thursdays has been very well attended. Secondly, the ongoing weekly specials have been well received and we will continue to run these specials each week, so keep your eye out and make sure emails from BGC Dining and Catering aren’t going to your spam folder.

I’d like to thank Pete Marquess for all of his service. From pouring a good drink to serving all of us, he always went above and beyond. We wish Pete well in his retirement and thank him for his 20+ years of service!

We announced in the March Tradition and again last month that all of you can use your credit throughout the club. Since some of you may not have seen the notification, we are extending your credit through 2019. Please use your credit to the extent you can, as we would like to have the credits used throughout each year.

There are many activities that are available to everyone during the winter. Pickleball socials, workouts, the golf simulator, tennis, and a new golf stretching regimen will help you prepare for spring.

Enjoy your winter and take full advantage of the value your membership provides. There are so many fun things to do at our club, even when it snows! As always, please drop by with your suggestions or email me. Thanks to everyone and best wishes for a safe and healthy Holiday season.

Jeff Keller
General Manager
Bend Golf Club

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