President’s Update

Snow on the mountains and morning frost delays are undeniable signs that the end of the golf season is near. The golf course continues to be in great shape so if the weather cooperates get out and enjoy another round while you can. To the snowbirds who left in September, you missed spectacular weather in October.

We welcomed four new board members at the October meeting. Thanks to each of them for their willingness to serve. The board will continue to chart a course to keep the club in a strong financial position to compete in the crowded golf market in Central Oregon.

We are moving into the budget season for next year with a vastly improved financial base. When the second land parcel closes, the club will be in a position to retire the debt and begin funding capital accounts that will provide a financial safety net. This is a significant milestone for long time members and further support to new members that you made the right choice.

With every budget season it seems there is never a shortage of ideas of new projects to spend money. This year with anticipated retirement of the debt the new spending ideas are reaching record levels. Despite this enthusiasm we continue to face the old challenges of increasing labor costs along with the cost of aging facilities and assets. For a number of years we had little choice but to defer maintenance, hope for the best, and fix things as they broke. We are trying to get ahead of the break/fix cycle by identifying the reasonable life of major systems and assets. These needs won’t have the “ big wow” of new projects, but they are critical to the operation of your club. I suspect it will take more than one budget cycle to get ahead of the demand for both old and new projects.

This is a member-owned club. Your opinions are important and we will continue to listen and involve you in the decisions to maintain and improve your club. Happy Thanksgiving.

– John Collins

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2 thoughts on “President’s Update

  • November 5, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    We should look at changing the indoor tennis facility into the cart barn. It would save a ton of money.

  • November 22, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Put cart barn in the indoor tennis facility, is a no brainer IMO… Do we even make money with tennis and athletic?


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