GM Update: November 2018

As November arrives, I thank our outgoing board, their leadership and direction and we welcome our new board: President John Collins, Vice President Dave Baker, Secretary Barb Gahr, Treasurer Bill Rich and our Director of Elections Mark Hagenbaugh. Our officers join our other members, Susanna Ross, Tami MacLeod, Josh Gordon, and Steve Sheppard.

In the next few weeks, the property on hole 6 will be finalized after a secondary environmental study, which took a bit of time, but all indications are positive and we are in great shape. We’ve never been in this position in our history and I know you all have many thoughts as to how to improve our club. We do have a capital funding plan for all the ideas that come forth.  Each idea goes through committee and then through finance with recommendations for the board. There are many projects that we need to review and the big ones, of course, must be approved by membership. The smaller ones will take time to review and get approved. Our approved funding plans gives us a continual revenue stream, but we can’t do them all at once. We must be prudent and make sure we continue to position club for the long term.

As we look to next year, the table is set. We will be debt-free and are very strong at every position: superintendent, head pro, chef, banquet management, and service.

This month, we are working with the MGA, LGA, and the pro shop to determine the schedule for the year. We will then send it out in hard copy as well as the website to make sure you have the tournaments, fees, formats and the schedule for the year.

Our Superintendent of the Year, Scott Moffenbeier, has plugged the greens, but they are putting great already. I’m amazed how good the weather has been in October and the next few weeks look pretty good. The weather is holding and we still have some time to play. But, when the weather does break, remember to grab your rackets and head to the tennis courts, or plan for pickleball. There is always so much to do here!

This next Sunday, we begin our winter schedule. The dining room and Mulligans will be closed on Sunday and Monday. The shotgun starts begin Nov. 12 so sign in and reserve your spot. They begin at 11 a.m.

Secondly, through December we are doing a trial with Foretees. Foretees is the leader in the industry in terms of tee time scheduling for private clubs. Let us know your thoughts as we try it out.

As we get closer to December, a few reminders. Those of you with businesses with Christmas parties, contact Christie as we have great options for employee dinners and a few open dates during the week. Our Dickens dinner is a bit earlier this year: Nov. 30. We have several new items coming into the pro shop and we have a great dinner planned. We hope you can join us for this great tradition.

Thanks for your support of our club and please share your feedback.

-Jeff Keller

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2 thoughts on “GM Update: November 2018

  • November 22, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    I have no place to put this comment, so I will put it here. Why is the MGA putting up funds towards software for the club? The MGA should be the LAST place the club looks for money from on this project? This should be a budget line item? If not, then why? The MGA monies should be voted on to where we would like the gross excess amounts to go to? MGA has over $9,000 but out club champion only wins $200 or so for the club championship? Crazy… We also have such a poor trophy case, why would this not be an option for the monies? My club dues should go towards software not MGA dues…..

  • November 26, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Thanks for commenting here. MGA has not approved putting up any funding for software. As far as budgeting, your correct on the line item, however we don’t have a mechanism for items that come up during the year, that aren’t budgeted.

    In this case, Foretees would need to be implemented in February before the season and before we begin our next budget, (begins April 1) From a budget perspective other than items that are “Break/Fix” everything is dealt with as an exception which needs approval. Fortunately we have done very well operationally this year and finance has given us approval for the software based out of operations, not capital. It has not been approved by the board yet, but we hope it will be, as it is $30k. The “ask” from the LGA and MGA was not approved by the MGA board, it was discussed.
    Each year, the boards typically have a project they use funds for. In years past, it was the Upper tee on 8, or 17 blue/white tee, though there is nothing set that says either group has to do anything at all. As far as funding goes for events, club champion etc, the MGA board and President Scott Hakala is the group that you will want to express your concerns to. Thanks for writing!


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