October LGA update

October is upon us! Congratulations to the 16 members who earned the right to play by accruing points throughout the season by participating in LGA events.
The play/event calendar for 2019 is almost set. We’re always looking for volunteers for the Invitational and Pinecone Classic committees. It’s so much nicer to have people volunteer instead of trying to recruit and having to resort to bribery, so if you are interested please contact me. Thank you in advance!

Our annual Halloween mixer complete with costume awards, candy and, of course, golf is set for Oct. 31 at 10 a.m. The format this year has changed to mirror the spring opener, a par-3 course that takes us to places we don’t see too often (hopefully) in our everyday play. It was so well received this spring we thought we’d try it again. We look forward to your feedback if you weren’t able to play last April. It will be followed by our last meeting of the year, lunch and installation of your 2019 LGA board. Thank you to all new and returning board members:

  • President Karen Stanard
  • Vice President Kathy Johnson
  • Treasurer Debbie Kerr
  • Secretary Julie Bennett
  • Golf Governor and Asst. Golf Governor Diane Guberman and Jeannie Adkisson
  • 9-Hole Golf Governors Sylvia Collins and Judy Drake
  • Hospitality Chairman Robin Schueler
  • Social Chair Jane Lin

See you in your Halloween finest,
Pam Caine

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