GM Update: October 2018

As October signals fall weather, we look at so many great things that have happened this year. Scott was named the Oregon Golf Association Superintendent of the year. We had one had one of the highest new-member additions in many years and our food and beverage department has improved dramatically in both quality and service.

And of course, our change in financial position to become debt free. The land sale to Park and Recreation was delayed a bit for an environmental study, but all indications look good. Our loan balance began this year at just under $1.9M. Currently, we are at $383k. Once we close with Park and Recreation we will be debt-free and have a nice cushion to move into a very bright future.

It can be very tempting to make dramatic changes to the club, and we have a process for small capital purchases but the large decisions will be made by each of you. We must be smart about what we do and how we do it. The savings from the payment we used to have goes into and fills our long-term capital fund and our break/fix fund, so we don’t get caught off-guard by any major needs for funding or a downturn in the economy.

Each decision goes through the finance department, then approved by the board. We will change our club for the better, but not at risk to the position we are currently in. Each decision must be carefully weighed and analyzed before we make these changes. The vote to sell the property was a dramatic change to the balance sheet, and we must be prudent with our decisions moving forward.

Speaking of changes, we will have a nice winter program option to improve your body and your golf game. We will work with the pro shop and our training team to provide a nice workout regimen over the winter, so you’ll be in top form when spring arrives. Stay tuned for more information.

Last, don’t forget the simulator through the winter. The ability to keep sharp and have fun is all just a click away. We’ll get the room set up for winter fun!

In the meantime, there is still plenty of good golf and fun ahead! Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve.

-Jeff Keller

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