Quick-thinking members saved my life

Wednesday, Sept. 12 was an eventful day at BGC—at least for me. You may have seen or heard about the emergency vehicles parked outside. Here’s what really happened.

While enjoying a bowl of peanuts, a fleck of that peanut skin went down the wrong pipe and I couldn’t breathe. I’m rarely speechless, so this was cause for alarm. As my face went from red to purple, nearby members David Lyon and Jim Wilkinson saw something was wrong. Jim wrapped me up in his arms and drove his fist up into my upper abdomen, opening my airway. It took a while get my wits about me again, but I came out okay. I’m sure it was quite a scene.

I’d like to personally thank Jim, David, and the BGC staff, including Justin, for their quick response and for calling 911. Everyone was very kind and caring, reminding me yet again of what a special place BGC is.

You never know when this might happen. Watch the videos below to learn how to give the Heimlich Maneuver to someone who is choking, or how to self-administer if no one else is around.

– Jane Lin


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