GM Update: September 2018

September is here! Scott did a small-tine aeration—more of a small poke, so the greens are still fantastic. In October, we will do a bigger tine aeration for then next spring, they will be as you have come to expect.

John has had his hands full this year. Learning about the MGA/LGA tournaments and expectations, all without a first assistant or second, until Drew arrived. Next year we will be locked and loaded with junior golf, a full staff, outside member service training and management and a much more structured schedule.

This fall, we will begin to review our calendar as well as the event schedule. We need to evaluate the success and opportunities to improve in every area. We are looking for volunteers to coordinate our schedules and events for the year. We will begin asking for volunteers in October. In the end, each of the events—golf and other member events—will be set up on the calendar. The goal is to have the flyers, events, formats and signups all preconfigured for the year. We will have these all set on the calendar, but we will also send each of you hard copies. In this way, you will be able to set your year for each of the events, know formats, and costs to participate.

One of the issues that I will be working on is to limit the larger outside tournaments. In 2009, we needed the revenue and I’m sure it was a prudent decision to have more bigger tournaments to garner more revenue. The offset was that it displaced many of our members during our peak times by having to close the course for full shotgun events. This year, I will be working with Christie and John on hosting smaller corporate groups. They come in, set goals, get lunch, then play in small groups in the afternoons. In this way, we keep our tee times open, prop up our food and beverage, and keep the course open during the prime times.

I appreciate your feedback and thoughts—keep them coming. As always, don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns.

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