Keeping your head down, plus new faces in the shop

I hope everyone had a chance to catch some of the PGA Championship this weekend, there was some great golf. It was great to see Tiger back in the hunt and what a great finish! I also noticed one of the segments that Peter Kostis did on analyzing some of the swings, particularly the one with Gary Woodland, who led after two rounds. The main thing that Kostis focused on was how much Gary’s head moved during his swing. Not so much up and down, which affects most players, but more side to side. If you happened to catch my latest tip on the local NBC broadcasts I talked about this very thing and enjoyed seeing Kostis talk about it.

For a long time we have all heard to keep our head down and still. This, in my opinion, is one of the worst things someone should try to do. Head level, eye on the ball is great! However, you cannot make a correct weight shift if you keep your head perfectly still. You definitely don’t want to sway either (weight going to the outside of your back foot) but letting your head drift away from your target on your backswing while keeping your head level and eye on the ball is a good thing. Give it a try the next time you are out on the range.

There are a couple new faces in the golf shop. Drew Scrivner is our new assistant golf professional. He is originally from Baker City, OR but just moved up from San Diego with his fiancé. Also new to the crew is Jeremy Cerf. Jeremy just graduated from the University of Texas and will be with us for the rest of the season before heading out to the Marine Corps in January. Please introduce yourself the next time you are in the shop.

Both the men’s and women’s club championships will be played in the next couple weeks so please sign up on line or give us a call in the shop and we can do it for you. The Labor Day Couples event is also available online; it is a 1:30 shotgun and it is a four-person shamble. See you soon.

– John Thorsnes

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