President’s message

Congratulations, everyone!! Very soon we will all be members of a privately owned and debt free club. This is a tremendous achievement and I am so proud of you, our members, your board of directors, and our management for getting us to this place. We will soon be out from under a $400 a day debt burden. This doesn’t mean we are on Easy Street and should start spending. I have had a few members say, “Let’s build an outdoor pool!” While this is a nice idea, Broken Top Club has an outdoor pool that they have tried to GIVE to the neighborhood HOA and the HOA has said no thank you!! A three-month-per-year money pit is something the HOA has no interest in. We need to make our decisions about our financial future wisely and this is where you all come in.

The property assets committee recently sent out a survey which I know many of you saw and filled out. Thank you for participating. I have not yet seen the results of the survey but be assured the committee and your board will share the results and based on hard data recommend our thoughts on how you should vote to spend residual proceeds to create financial stability and increased value to your membership. This is an equity ownership club and all of us have the opportunity to be full equity members. In the end it will be up to the owners of this club to decide where funds (if any) should be spent.

As I said I am proud of the accomplishments of this years’ board but the race isn’t finished. We are continuing to add to membership numbers and thanks to a great fiscal plan are doing great in our food and beverage department. Thanks to all who have been supporting F & B and a huge thank you to members who have sponsored new members of our amazing club. We, your board and management team, promise to finish this year off properly and make this one of the best years ever at Bend Golf Club.

Brad Patrick

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