President’s Message

We are into the heart of golf season and I hope you can all agree that this is the best our course has ever played. All of the Oregon Amateur participants I spoke with raved about our greens and the condition of the entire course and I have heard that several approached BGC members to thank them for sharing our course with them. We had several of our own members compete in the tournament and they all represented us well. Our longtime member (and former U of O golfer) Brad Mombert called the course ‘second to none’ and ‘truly one of the best venues in the state’. The event was a tremendous success and we can all be proud members of the only course in Central Oregon in the ten-year rotation to host the states most prestigious amateur golf event.

Our annual meeting will be held July 10 so please come out and hear the board, GM and various committee chairs share their updates with membership about the current and future direction of your Club.

As I’ve mentioned in prior messages we gave management a mandate this year to work under a budget based on pre-season membership numbers and that services could be added back as membership grew. Everyone has gone an extra mile to give us what we have been able to enjoy with very tight budgets. The employment economy in Bend is making finding great people at the wages we can afford to pay very challenging so if you see a staff member doing a great job please let them know they are appreciated.

Head Pro John Thorsnes has been working hard to fill his staff. His first assistant left mid-season, and a few weeks before the Men’s Member-Guest Tournament a part-time shop assistant left as well. When possible, please use our online booking system instead of calling the shop to make tee times. As members we shouldn’t want one of our most highly compensated employee doing what we can do ourselves in 30-60 seconds.

On a similar note, GM Jeff Keller has been tasked by the board to make an all out, hands-on effort to grow membership. When he first joined us, he made a statement that I wish he hadn’t about having an open-door policy for membership issues. We have several very capable managers at our club and we need to start using them to help us with our questions or problems and free up his time to sell our amazing club and manage the staff. If you have minor issues that can be addressed by a director, please determine which manager might best have a solution. If you don’t know who that manager may be, please ask someone in the business office and they will point you in the right direction. Again, as members we shouldn’t want our highest paid personnel solving small problems.

Our current golf membership numbers are just over 300. I’d like to see us get to 350 and create a wait list. Getting us there is Jeff’s job and he can’t do it if we are all calling him for answers that are readily available elsewhere. Our club is on the rise, let’s do our part to help our teams.

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