General Manager Update

July already? Wow. I can’t tell you how everyone raved about our course during the Oregon Am. To a person, everyone was very pleased at the course, the staff and all of the volunteers. Thank you all so much for the support of the most prestigious event in the state.

For the first time in our history, we are making money in our food and beverage department. Christie and Chef Darrin have done an amazing job with their teams. Over the last 3 years, our food and beverage losses have been about the industry average. Each year, most private golf clubs on average lose $100k/year.

Thanks to your support with our schedule, opening our doors to the public and the events we have, we are now able to break even and a little more. It is great to have great food and a great staff, which makes all the difference. What does that mean? Well, for our finances, it allows us to do a better job with the other parts of the club, whether it is the golf course, or our facilities, we are now in much better shape to tackle the items we have been unable to fund, so thank you all!

There are so many things that are going well. Our membership interest has picked up and the reputation Scott has built for the golf course has positioned our club in a different category from other clubs. Our membership interest has increased and I need your help.

Our department heads are very talented, and I would ask that you utilize their abilities. If there are items that need attention, please go to them first.

If there are items that have been addressed or you feel that I should be aware of them, I’ll be available, but please feel free to reach out to the team.

Our growth of membership is critical and will be my primary focus. Thanks for all your support!


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