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Several years ago when our club was not doing well (no local clubs were, our economy was bad), I began to feel frustrated with the way things were and how things looked. I found myself complaining about everything from the deals being offered to attract temporary members to the way maintenance was suffering due to a limited budget. After some reflection I remembered that’s not who I am. When I have found myself in difficult times I did something about it rather than lament about my sad situation. I volunteered for the grounds committee and eventually ran for the board. I have developed a great respect for the challenges involved in running a private, member owned club and realize that all committees and boards are well-intentioned.

I am happy to say that my time on the committee and board doesn’t feel wasted. I feel I have been able to contribute and help move changes forward that have been good for our club. I’d like to encourage any of you who feel you have something to offer to volunteer. You can be a defender of tradition or an advocate of change. Either way you will be involved and heard. We have several options for you to consider: Membership, Finance, Grounds, House and Athletic are all committees that need your help and input. The way our club is designed, is member owned, so if you want to have an impact, I encourage you to get involved.

I’m sure as I look back on my years of board service I will count several things that we could have done better. Having said that, the one thing I know I won’t regret is selling some of our unused land to get out from under the debt burden we have lived with for more than a decade. Economies cycle and to see the club struggle the way it did during the last downturn would be a huge mistake. I want to thank Dave Baker who, on behalf of the board, has guided the various committees that have been assembled and spearheaded negotiations for his tremendous time and tireless efforts over the past two years of this process.

I have attended a couple of the property sales proceeds committee meetings and can happily report that you will hear some great ideas have some impressive data to help you determine which way you will vote. This group is very impressive and incredibly organized and will help make your decisions easy.

Just a couple of things that will help me not become a grumbler again. Someone has been leaving Camel Menthol cigarette butts around the greens all spring. Please stop. One afternoon last week I repaired eleven ball marks on the third green. If your ball lands on the green please look for and repair your mark. Scott and his team are doing such a great job, it should break all of our hearts to see any ball marks, or trash left on the course. Let’s take pride in our club and make sure we take care of it!

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One thought on “President’s Message

  • July 20, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    The Camel cigarette butts have red lipstick and have been around since at least 2016. I have turned in several hands-full last year.


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