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GM: August 2021

As I write this, we finally have a small reprieve from the heat. It’s been an amazing year so far,

Activities: August 2021

August 13-15 Club Tennis Doubles Tournament Sign up online. Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed categories. Combined rating. Cutoff is August 8!

LGA: August 2021

A big thank you to Judy Boulet, Anita Brown, and Nancy Hakala for planning and coordinating the LGA Member/Guest tournament

Superintendent: August 2021

I hope you all have been enjoying the golf course this summer. It has been a busy year with many

Chef: August 2021

As you read this, I had an experience at a local restaurant that I believe most of us have encountered

President: August 2021

I love summer, and I love the heat — but come on, this has been a bit much! Historic temperatures

MGA: August 2021

July brought us two MGA sponsored golf events, the 27 Hole Championships and the just completed Mirror Pond Invitational.  Regarding

F&B: August 2021

Charcoal BBQ Burgers are available every Thursday through August. Burgers are available to all members and their guests. Grilling hours

President: July 2021

Happy Birthday America! I am looking forward to celebrating the holiday, as well as celebrating the lifting of the COVID-19

Chef: July 2021

Supply update As of right now, no positive news relating to perishable, dry food, certain proteins, and of course paper

MGA: July 2021

We just completed an incredible three days of competitive and very fun golf for all those playing in our member

GM: July 2021

We began the month with the bouncy houses, bocce ball, and a band. We had a great time, and we